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The students are happy to be a part of Badminton Gurukul and they are learning along with having fun. From what I observe their progress is also excellent.

- Ramnik Parson

I believe this is a wonderful initiative which enables the students to learn and enhance their skills. The coaches here are trained professionals which makes it fascinating and interesting. This initiative which will help the students realize their true potential.

- Vaishali Rohira

It’s been a great experience for both my sons Jash & Hitakesh to come to learn badminton at Badminton Gurukul. I am very happy with the coaching and all the coaches also. They really know the strengths and weaknesses of every child.

- Falguni Bhagati

Tanisha and Trisha are training at Badminton Gurukul for the past 1.5 years and they have improved a lot. Aparna Popat is doing a great job, the infrastructure is good, the coaches are also well trained.

- Shikha

Both my sons have been in Badminton Gurukul for a year now and they are both enjoying the class and look forward to coming. I would congratulate and thank Badminton Gurukul for putting in so much efforts for the kids.

- Sejal Turaklia

Ishika has attended Badminton Gurukul for over 6 months now and she just loves it. These sessions offer all round development and for kids looking for greater introduction into badminton, Badminton Gurukul provides development in sports technique, understanding and physical literacy. Above all having marquee ex-players like Aparna Popat training them is highly inspirational.

- Amit

Fabulous coaches at Badminton Gurukul! There is a saying a student is, what his teacher teaches hi, or makes him. The best thing about Badminton Gurukul is their fabulous coaches.

- Diti

Veer has been a part of Badminton Gurukul for the last one year and the fact that he wants to play badminton every single day of the week is enough to say the kind of love and passion Badminton Gurukul has taught him for the game is tremendous. I myself play badminton hence it was easy to calculate the tremendous progress his game has made over this one year. The icing on the cake for the kids was the “Legends’ Vision” event that made them more serious and passionate for the game. Truly an inspirational moment for them to meet their favourite players.

- Swati Lodha