10th, Sep 2023

Why is Badminton the right sport to pick up at a young age?


For a sport that\'s been around for centuries, badminton often loses to the slightly more “popular” ones like basketball or soccer. But if you take a look at what badminton as a sport has to offer, you will see why it really is a great sport to introduce the little ones to.


It’s so much fun!

If you’ve ever played badminton, you know just how much fun it is. It\'s fast-paced and requires quick reflexes, which makes every game thrilling in a fun way. You also need to think about shot placement and anticipate your opponent\'s next move, adding the element of strategy to the mix. So, it’s not just exciting, but also engaging in every way. For young people who are on the lookout for something new and challenging, this might just be what they need. With even a little bit of badminton self-training, you’re ready for some fun!


Talk about physical benefits

As a sport, badminton pushes physical boundaries. Playing badminton involves a lot of running, jumping, and quick reflexes. These can help improve cardiovascular health and impact the overall fitness greatly. Badminton also improves coordination and balance, which makes it the ideal choice for children who are developing these essential skills. Badminton self-training introduces healthy habits and a routine that will stay with them for life.


Low impact, high rewards

Also, badminton is a low-impact sport - another significant advantage. Unlike other sports that can be rough on your body, badminton is relatively gentle on the joints, making it a safer option for young people to play. For children who may be more prone to injuries, choosing a sport that doesn’t put too much strain on their growing bodies might be the better bet.


No rainchecks required

As a sport which can be played both indoors and outdoors, badminton is an excellent activity for every season. This versatile sport ensures that children play badminton throughout the year, because you don’t ever have to take a raincheck - just smash it at an indoor court instead. Plus, all you need are rackets and a shuttlecock to get started. That’s a lot easier on your wallet, isn’t it?

Keeps you healthy, mentally

It’s true. All work and no play does make Jack a dull boy. Playing badminton can impact a person’s mental health positively. The focus and concentration required for the game helps children develop additional essential skills that they can apply to other areas of their lives. Badminton basic training involves setting up a routine, which nurtures good discipline. Playing with others and navigating the nuances of the game enables children to be more well-rounded. Plus, badminton reduces stress and anxiety. So, the court would be the best place for children to unwind after a rough day at school.


The sport for every age

As a sport that’s enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, badminton gives children a chance to interact with a lot of different people. Whether you\'re a beginner or an experienced player, there\'s always room for improvement and growth in the game. This inclusivity makes badminton an excellent sport for children to get involved in, as they\'ll be able to interact with others from diverse backgrounds and skill levels.

So yes, badminton is an excellent sport to pick up at an early age. It\'s fun, engaging and keeps you healthy, mentally and physically. Not just that, it also improves coordination, cardiovascular health, focus and other essential skills that impact other areas of life positively. This low-impact, versatile, and inclusive sport can be truly enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Looks like your search for a new and exciting sport to introduce children to ends here!

If you’re having a tough time finding the right badminton coaching for beginners, we’d be happy to help.