30th, Mar 2023

Yes, your kid should be playing Badminton too!

As kids, we’ve all quoted the phrase ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,’ to weasel some playtime from our parents. Hearing the same phrase as parents makes us question the delicate balance of the opportunities that we provide for our children.

While parents tend to pull out all the stops when it comes to education, it isn’t the only kind of growth that would benefit children. But they think twice about enroling them in Badminton for Beginners or other sports which offer wholistic development.

Truth is, there’s more to badminton training than physical development. It offers a chance for wholesome, balanced, physical and mental development, which is exactly what children need.


Hones physical capabilities

Getting out there on the court instead of sitting in on a phone or a tab is healthier for kids in more ways than one.

  • Research shows that children who indulge in sports like badminton have more muscle and less body fat. So, playing reduces the risk of being overweight.
  • As a sport which involves a lot of coordination, agility and balance, badminton helps children develop their motor skills in a wholesome way.
  • Continuously gauging the speed and orbit of the shuttle sharpens their hand-eye co-ordination and reflexes.


Empowers psychological growth

Physical development aside, psychological growth is an integral part of wholesome growth too. That’s why it is important to give your children experiences which foster both physical and psychological growth.

  • Children who play tend to view competitions (on and off the court) as opportunities to learn from their success and failure.
  • Badminton can be a good way to reduce stress and increase mental well-being.
  • As players, kids need to actively strategise and outsmart their opponents to subsequently defeat them. That’s how badminton training helps improve their strategic thinking.
  • Badminton training also contributes to improving one’s memory. Keeping in mind the rules, the plays, the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, etc., with every game builds recall.


Improves social skills

Badminton training isn’t a private event (unless intended). It involves a group of other kids who stretch, learn and practice alongside each other.

  • This co-learning provides opportunities for kids to form healthy connections outside their immediate circles.
  • Children get a chance to learn group dynamics and the potential in true teamwork.
  • The opportunity to stand up for themselves and each other hones character like no other classroom exercise.


Builds character

The court is an important learning environment for children. Besides learning the sport, they also learn so many other aspects of human interaction which helps orient their moral compass. They take away more than just badminton from every interaction.  

  • Their moral principles and character are formed through fair play. Numerous studies prove that children who play sports perform better at school and are less likely to make rash, uninformed, life-altering decisions.
  • Since they are introduced to rules/regulations at an early age, they learn to recognise and respect authority, rules, colleagues, and opponents.
  • It strengthens their resilience and enables them to make decisions for themselves by developing their autonomy.
  • Playing sports like badminton helps children build positive self-esteem at a very early age.


Although it might seem like badminton training gets in the way of homework and studying for tests, focusing on academics alone causes more damage than resulting in lasting success. In the long run, the benefits of introducing your child to badminton outweigh any inconveniences suffered along the way. Because badminton coaching not only provides opportunities for wholesome growth, but it also prepares children for excellence, on and off the court.

So, get them enroled in badminton coaching classes early. That’s all they need to smash it out there in the future!