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Badminton Gurukul is a renowned badminton training center located in Faridabad, offering a diverse range of training programs and courses suitable for players of all skill levels. The center's website showcases several programs and courses, including:

Beginners program: Specifically designed for individuals who are new to badminton, this program focuses on teaching the fundamental skills and basic techniques required to play the sport proficiently. Participants will receive comprehensive training to develop a solid foundation and proper form in their gameplay.

Intermediate program: Geared towards players with some prior experience in badminton, this program aims to enhance their existing skills and techniques. Emphasis is placed on improving footwork, shot accuracy, and game strategy to help players progress to a higher level of play.

Advanced program: Tailored for highly skilled and experienced players, this program offers advanced training methods, specialized techniques, and competitive strategies. Participants will receive intensive coaching to refine their skills, enhance their performance, and compete at an advanced level.

Badminton Gurukul in Faridabad provides a supportive and motivating training environment with experienced coaches and modern facilities. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate player, or advanced competitor, the center offers comprehensive programs to cater to your specific needs and goals, ensuring a fulfilling badminton training experience.

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Our Programs

Basic Coaching

The building blocks are of paramount importance in any sports or learning experience. Having the right teacher, the right coach, and a guide during these crucial phases can help layout the foundation for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling journey in badminton or any other sports.

Our uniquely designed program is curated around the requirements of children delving into badminton. Train under the best coaches who've handheld kids on their journey with several years of badminton coaching experience.

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Intermediate Coaching

Perhaps one of the most cardinal phases in an athlete’s growth, intermediate coaching hones the fundamentals and propels them into the next step in their growth.

Our carefully curated program provides the kids with the right tournament exposure, badminton sparring, and dexterity. Highly qualified coaches with several years of coaching proficiency help forge champions while still keeping the joy and thrill of badminton intact.

The program is structured around the central tenet of improving a kid's performance with cognitive activity to make decisions in a legion of dynamic settings.

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Advanced Coaching

A vital juncture in the trajectory of an athlete's development is when they traverse to this distinguished category.

Advance badminton coaching encompasses cutting-edge information of the nuances of the game, structured curriculum,    fine­ tuning and drilling techniques etc.

Training alongside the best minds in the game integrated with the right tournament exposure is  a winning formula that Badminton Gurukul has devised keeping in mind the athlete's requirements.

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